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Staff Input

In April and May 2020, a series of meetings with the architects took place over four days to discuss the instructional and functional needs of new high schools in the following areas:

  • Administration/General Building Needs
  • General Education Classrooms
  • Fine Arts (Band, Choir, Theatre, Dance, Art)
  • Athletics
  • Library
  • CTE/Special Programs
  • Special Education/Life Skills
  • Safety & Security
  • Counseling
  • Science

Each meeting included at least one staff member/teacher/coach from each high school and one administrator from each high school. Meeting participants were asked to serve as a representative for their campus and subject area. The goal of these meetings was to allow campus staff members to provide input about the functionality and needs of their specific area. In all, 62 different staff members participated in these planning meetings. 

After the planning meetings were completed, the architects developed general school layouts based on the needs and desires communicated by the campus teachers. 

In June and July, a district design team met with the architects to evaluate the conceptual designs and provide input regarding the floor plan, colors, interior/exterior design, etc.