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Campus Features

Both high schools will be 363,000 square feet. For perspective, Rider High School is 256,000 square feet. The high school is designed to hold 1,900 students. The school will be a third larger than Rider High School and have approximately 300 more students than Rider currently has. The school will feature open spaces and walkways to allow for easy access to other areas of the building. 


Proposition A Features

Instructional Spaces: General Education Classrooms, Science Classrooms with Labs, CTE Classrooms with Labs, Collaboration Spaces, JROTC (2 classrooms, storage, armory, rifle range)

Special Education Programs: CBI, BAC, Life, Life BASE, BASE, LEAP, 18+ Program




Student Commons: Library, Maker Space, Tech Repair Lab, Learning Stairs, Collaboration Spaces, Dining

Fine Arts:


  • Band Hall for 195 students - with practice rooms and support spaces
  • Orchestra Hall for 55 students - with practice rooms and support spaces
  • Choir Room for 85 students - with practice rooms and support spaces
  • Piano Lab
  • Guitar Lab
  • Dance Studio

Visual Arts

  • Art Labs
  • Ceramics Lab
  • Video Arts Lab




Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Classroom
  • Black Box
  • Scene Shop
  • Support Spaces
  • Stage with Seating for 500
  • Collaboration Spaces




Athletics and Physical Education:

  • Spectator Gym with seating for 1900
  • Auxiliary Gym* with seating for 320
  • PE Gym with seating for 260
  • Locker Rooms for PE, Tennis, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf and Football
  • Training Room
  • Weight Room
  • Mat Room and Storage

*Auxiliary Gym will serve as a tornado shelter for the school population

Administration: Administrative Offices, Counselor Suite, Clinic